Capitol Annex Renovation Phase 4

Owner: State of Idaho

Project Architect:  Musgrove Engineering

Project Cost: $2.3 Million

Renovate Infrastructure – Install new restrooms on floors 1-3 as well as new IT Rooms on floors 1-4. All windows will be replaced on floors 1-4. Two new HVAC Units will be located on the 4th floor roof of NE wing of building. Main supply and return ducts will be dropped down through chases to serve floors 1-4 of the NE wing. Duct work and hot water piping will be extended out onto floors for future tenant improvements. Chilled and hot water piping will be extended to new HVAC units on roof. New plumbing fixtures to be installed in restrooms and potable water lines will be routed up in chases to serve floors 1-3. Fire Sprinkler lines will be extended out onto floors. Lights in new restrooms and IT rooms will be installed. Electrical panels and wall systems will also be installed and the mechanical systems will be powered up.

Building also known as old Ada County Courthouse and is currently the home of the Idaho State Law Library.


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